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Lyell Immunopharma Announces Completion of LyFE Manufacturing Center

Mar 22, 2021

Manufacturing center will produce cell products for upcoming clinical trials

The facilities integrate digital innovations that enable real-time monitoring of and insights into the manufacturing processes

Lyell Immunopharma, Inc. (Lyell), an immuno-oncology company dedicated to the mastery of T cells to cure solid tumors, today announced the completion of its $65 million LyFE Manufacturing Center in Bothell, Washington.

"This manufacturing center represents crucial infrastructure for our upcoming clinical trials and will be able to scale to meet our cell therapy manufacturing needs as we grow," said Stephen Hill, Chief Technical Operations Officer of Lyell. "Manufacturing is integral to the actual design and performance of new cell therapies, so we have made large investments to build leading edge capabilities in this area. LyFE is a paperless facility that has digital manufacturing integrated into the operation. We believe the ability to capture and analyze data in real time will ultimately lead to better and safer cell therapies for patients."

The 70,000 square foot production facilities are in the Canyon Park complex in Bothell, Washington and boasts highly advanced capabilities for cell therapy manufacturing. In addition to cell processing equipment and manufacturing processes necessary to expand and reengineer patients' immune cells so they can fight cancer, the facilities integrate advanced data and analytics approaches that enable a completely digital manufacturing process. This includes real-time data feedback and batch monitoring, as well as analytical capabilities that enable artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to enable faster process improvements.

To support its digital manufacturing capabilities, Lyell has collaborated with Amazon Web Services and the LyFE Manufacturing Center is one of the first cell therapy manufacturing facilities to benefit from AWS's extensive experience with cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics.

"History in cell therapy suggests that cell therapies are safer and more effective when manufacturing systems can create a more consistent product, in terms of both cellular composition and functional profile," said Liz Homans, Chief Executive Officer of Lyell. "The ability to fine tune our manufacturing and process development to produce the most effective cancer-fighting cells is what this center is all about."

About Lyell Immunopharma

Lyell is an immuno-oncology company dedicated to reprogramming T cells to achieve curative therapies for solid tumors. The company takes a deliberate approach to solving what it believes to be the major barriers to successful adoptive T cell therapy: T cell exhaustion and loss of durable stemness, which includes proliferative capacity, ability to self-renew and ability to differentiate and eliminate solid tumors. Lyell is combining its proprietary ex vivo genetic and epigenetic reprogramming technologies that address these barriers with T cell receptors (TCRs), tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). Lyell is based in South San Francisco, Seattle and Bothell, Washington.

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